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Dank Donuts sits at 6857 ft, making us the highest donut shop on the West Coast!

Being on this island in the sky means the air is thinner, making our donuts fluffier,

and different than anything you will taste at sea level. 

Here at Dank Donuts, no two donuts are the same.

Our Donuteers hand cut each donut, and infuse love into each bundle of dough.

We are cooking up traditional yeast-risen, golden-fried classics

with recipes passed down from Old School Donuteers.  


On top of the traditional Donuts we all crave, we also serve Vegan, and Gluten-Free donuts!  


We have breakfast burritos with homemade salsa, stuffed croissants, avacado toast,

and delicious lunch items from @thedelimoonridge, all available QUICK and TO-GO.

We stock a variety of beverages, including BEER and WINE you can take TO-GO! 


In an effort to keep everything fresh, availability on these items change.

Call and speak to one of our friendly Donuteers to see what we currently have in stock. 

If you want something specific PLEASE call AT LEAST 24-hours in advance to make a pre-order.

We are happy to put something aside for you and make special orders when feasible. 

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